Terms of Service

Whoscall Terms of Service

The Terms of Service shown here (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Service”) are intended to manage your login and access to the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) operated by GOGOLOOK Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), any data, text, charts or other materials shown on the Website, or any information made available by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Whoscall Contents”), and any service or software released by the ”Company” (hereinafter referred to as the “Whoscall Service”, including but not limited to, the “Whoscall Applications”, and any service or software released by the ”Company” under the name of Whoscall).


Before using the Service, please understand that “Whoscall Service” is dedicated to searching the information from the following two sources: (1) the public information on the Internet or licensed by any other public databases; (2) the information about phone numbers fed back by the “Whoscall Service” users. Therefore, the ”Company” will not be liable for keeping confidential the personal data disclosed by you on the Internet. You shall keep watching and maintaining your personal data on your own. Also, the ”Company” will not represent or warrant the accuracy of the contents of the information about phone numbers fed back by the user group. You shall judge the accuracy and reliability thereof independently.

Meanwhile, the ”Company” makes no warranty toward the following situations: (1) Whoscall service meets your need; (2) Whoscall service will be non-interrupted, timely, safe and reliable or error-free when providing the information; (3) the result accessed via Whoscall Service is correct or reliable; (4) any service, information or other information accessed via Whoscall Service meets your expectation.

When using the group labeled feedback in the “Whoscall Service”, you shall avoid using any disputable text, and the labeled comments shall match the fact (or substantially match the fact lest dispute should arise). The contents of labeled feedback via the Whoscall service only represent the user’s personal experience and view, but do not mean that the ”Company” agrees to such view or proves the comments. You shall also undertake that you will not engage in the following activities via the Whoscall service: (1) distribution of any rumors or assumptions, or fabrication of any false statement; (2) offensive statement, fabrication of story to defame or insult another person, or infringement upon another person’s reputation; (3) any statement inciting ethnic consciousness or instigation of offensive and abusive statement; (4) any other overly disputable statement.

Please read the following Term of Service carefully. The Term of Service grant us certain rights and also describe how you may manage the information you shown to others via the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and Whoscall Service”. Meanwhile, please also view the Privacy Policy at our site https://whoscall.com/en-US/support/privacy/ to verify the ”Company” messages and indications about collection and use of your personal data.

The Term of Service expressly defines how you may log in and access the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service”. Your login and access to the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” constitute your consent to the Service and Conditions, irrelevant with whether you are a “member” or “non-registered user”, or only a “visitor” to the “Website” (hereinafter referred to as the “Whoscall Visitor”). Where Whoscall service infringes upon your right when searching information, please inform the ”Company” via privacy@gogolook.com voluntarily. The ”Company” will help you conceal the relevant contents according to the following service Term of Service. Notwithstanding, the ”Company” makes no warranty that said contents will not be displayed again via the “Whoscall Service”.


In order to expressly define the contents and scope of the Whoscall Service, the following specific terms shall have the following specific meaning:

“Member (or registered user) ” means any Whoscall user who has submitted the “Website” or the ”Company” any data sufficient to identify him personally, including but not limited to, telephone numbers or email account.

“ Non-registered user ” means any Whoscall user who receives the “Whoscall Service” but fails to submit his personal data.

The “Member” or “Non-registered User” who receives the Whoscall Service is hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Whoscall User”. Any third party who visits the “Whoscall User” via communication is hereinafter referred to as the “Whoscall Visitor”.

”User Data” means the data you choose to upload to the “Whoscall Service, namely, the data or information generated in the process of your use of “Whoscall Service” (including but not limited to, the service information derived from such activities as blocked history, tags, notes, search logs or my collection, et al. generated via the Whoscall Service). In order to provide you with better experience in using the “Whoscall Service”, the “Whoscall Service” will also access the site of the “Whoscall Service User” presumed by GPS, access point and public access signal sought via the system authority activated by the "Whosecall Service User” at the same time when you are using the Whoscall Service”, so as to verify the scope of the User’s search and collect the basic information for service optimization.

”Caller ID” means any information accessible to your phone number, including but not limited to, “Third Party Database”, “Search Engine Database” and “User Generated Information”. “Caller ID” also includes some “User Data” linked with the phone number. “Caller ID” also includes some “User Data” linked with the phone number. The Caller ID might contain some “User Data” upon your or a third party’s disclosure.

”Third Party Database” means the pubic database or private database controlled, managed or maintained by a third party, and the ”Company” might access the database to provide the “Whoscall User” with related services.

”Search Engine Database” means the public on- search engine controlled, managed or maintained by a third party, and the ”Company” might access the public data obtained by the search engine to provide the “Whoscall User” with related services.

"User Generated Content” means the data fed back or identified by a registered user, and any information classified, analyzed information via technical identification or statistics, including but not limited to, “User Generated Information” and “User Generated Alert Information”.

“De-Identification” means the process used to prevent processed data from identifying the concerned party without utilization of any additional information which has been stored separately and also ensure that the personal data cannot afford to identify the concerned party with specific technology and measure.

“Communication and equipment marking data” mean the information needed by the communication protocol accessed by you via the communication equipment applied by you, directly or indirectly, in the process of operation (including the network ID) and the information which cannot afford to identify the concerned party marked or recorded by any other communication equipment and storable or readable by the “Whoscall Service” (including but not limited to, the communication equipment production serial number), in order to run the “Whoscall Service”.

“Anonymous statistic analysis information” means the analysis information compiled and concluded from the “User Data”, “Third Party Database”, “Search Engine Database” or “User Generated Content” by virtue of the “de-identification” technology or any other statistic method involving no personal data identification, or the derivative files created based on said analysis information which cannot afford to identify the concerned party without utilization of any additional information.

”Run” means download, installation and activation of the “Whoscall Applications” to use the functions made available by the Whoscall Service.

  1. Membership and Qualifications

    If you are not a “Member”, you may view the “Website” and access the “Whoscall Applications”, or certain contents or functions made available to users not limited to the “Member” by the “Whoscall Service”.

    If your mobile phone installs the “Whoscall Applications” and activates the same, you may access the applications as a “Member or “Non-registered User”. If you submit your personal identifiable data to the system, the ”Company” will create the link between you and the data automatically. When you use the “Whoscall Applications”, you are entitled to decide partial “Caller ID” information which maybe edited by yourself accessible by the other “Whoscall Service Users” when calling or sending messages to them. Except under the Term of Service herein and the ”Company” Privacy Policy, the ”Company” will never share your phone information with any third party intentionally without your express permission, other than the “communication and equipment marking data” needed and accessible by the Company in the process of providing the “Whoscall Service”. The access authority you granted to the ”Company” will be under your control, as you may delete your “User Data” from “Whoscall Service” at any time. (For more information about termination of the “Whoscall Service”, please refer to Section 6 herein.)

    You agree to provide accurate, latest and complete information and to keep the same updated to maintain the accuracy, times and completeness of the same. If you provide any information with no accuracy or completeness, you shall not only be liable for all risks and the “Company” shall be entitled to suspend or terminate your “Whoscall Service”

  2. Caller ID

    As a “Whoscall Service User”, when you search any phone number via the “Whoscall Service”, you may search the source of the phone number automatically from the ”Company” Database, Third Party Database and Search Engine Database. If the number is found, the Service will return the name or relevant information of the phone number to you. You also agree that the Service may use your contact information at the client level to identify and judge the information about personal phone number at the same time when you are using the “Whoscall Service”.

    Granting of license. As between you and the ”Company”, the ownership of your “User Data” shall remain vested in you. Notwithstanding, your share, submission or uploading of the “User Data” shall constitute your granting to the ”Company” a global, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable and transferable license to use, duplicate, display and run your “User Data” or to produce any related derivative information in order to enable the “Company” to use, duplicate, display and run your “User Data” or produce any related derivative information, provided that such derivative information shall be related to the “Website” and “Whoscall Service”, and intended to enable the the ”Company” services to be made available to you and the other “Whoscall Visitors”.

  3. You acknowledge and agree that the Company will provide you and other “Whosecall users” and “Whosecall visitors” with the derivative data related to the “Website” and “Whoscall Service”, and the Company is also entitled to engage in product development, or work with its vendors or business partners in the form of information exchange, based on the “communication and equipment marking data” or “anonymous statistic analysis information”, and by decryption of data throughout the process, in order to optimize the “Whosecall Service” and further analyze users’ need and potential application of the “Service” in the future. Meanwhile, the “Company” guarantees that it will never make use of, provide or disclose any additional information sufficient to identify you personally, in any manner, in the process of said product development or business cooperation.You also acknowledge and agree that the Company is allowed to provide a third party organization allowed to use the additional information related to you on the ground of some contractual relationship or power of attorney with the access to the “anonymous statistic analysis data” database constructed by the Company, insofar as the organization needs to conduct the audit or investigation required by laws and the contract, for the purpose of maintaining public interest or protecting your duly interest and right (e.g. prevention or control of scam, money laundering or any other crimes); meanwhile, the Company is also allowed to provide the access to said “anonymous statistic analysis data” database per request of any police entity, administrative agency or judicial branch, for the same purpose.

  4. You acknowledge and agree that you own all necessary rights in the “User Data” you make available via the “Website” or “Whoscall Service”. Therefore, you represent and warrant that: (i) according to the Service and Terms herein, you own the necessary title and rights to permit, consent and assign sufficient to grant the ”Company” the rights to use the “User Data”; and (ii) the “User Data” per se and the “User Data” used by you to post, upload, publish, submit or transmit the “User Data” or “Whoscall Service” on or via the “Website” and “Whoscall Service” shall be free from infringing, misappropriating or violating any third party’s patent right, copyright, trademark right, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights, or infringing the data owner’s privacy or other rights, or violating any laws or regulations.

    The blocked history, tags, notes, search logs, backup copy of the contact information or my collection performed in the Whoscall Service in the “User Data” are all intended to optimize your experience in using the “Whoscall Service”. Please note that when you start to access and use the “Whoscall Service”, the “Whoscall Service” will record and feed back to you the call search logs about the call numbers presented by the system or manual search through the “Whoscall Database”, including potentially identifiable receptionists, length of access and location.

    If you breach said warranties and thereby cause a third party to initiate a claim or opposition action against the ”Company” or you, you shall bear the related legal liability and indemnify the ”Company” against all losses suffered by the ”Company” therefor.

  5. Use “Whoscall Service” to manage and access data from the ”Company” Database

    In order to protect the user’s right, the “Company” will update the “Caller ID” to the database periodically. As a “Whoscall user”, unless otherwise provided herein, you may request the “Company” to hide the information if necessary and the “Company” will process your request within 30 days:

    (1) Request for hiding on search results:

    "Whoscall Service” only accepts the cases suspected of infringing upon personal information in accordance with the personal information protection law applicable in various territories. Your “Caller ID” searched by “Whoscall Service” from the public source of resources via the Internet will be hidden, and it will request not to display or make available to another “Whoscall User” the same via the “Whoscall Service”. Where any personal information contained in the information made public by you on the network is infringed or false, you may e-mail to privacy@gogolook.com and follow the procedure and file the complaint per instruction. It is held personal information without doubt upon the “Company” examination, the “Company” will hide the personal information as infringed or false per the complaint within 30 days in accordance with Article 13 of the Personal Information Protection Law of the R.O.C.. Instead, if it is held the information other than personal information, the “Company” will not accept the request.

    (2) Request for hiding the “User Generated Information”:

    User Generated Information. The “Company” provides the “Whoscall service user” with the access to share the received call and send feedback and reminder to the “Company”. The “Company” shall be entitled to use the result fed back by the “Whoscall service user” as the information basis to alert other “Whoscall service users” to identify the call number when using the service. Therefore, a “Whoscall service user” shall act objectively and impartially when feeding back the information and avoid feeding untrue information or information which may not be made in public back to the “Company”. The “Company” shall be entitled to hide or delete any untrue or unjust feedback or User Generated Information.

    “Whoscall Service” will take the following actions according to the complaint you file at privacy@gogolook.com per instruction, by the following classification:

    Where the “User Generated Information” contains information in error: The information in error means that the provided name information is not identical with the number holder in fact. Upon receipt of the user’s complaint, the “Company” will conduct examination and give a call to the number containing the information in error. Upon verification, the “Company” will update and modify the information in error immediately.

    Where the “User Generated Information” expresses personal subjective opinion and comment that contain defamatory or disgraceful wordings: Upon receipt of the user’s complaint, the “Company” will modify and remove the information. The “Company” will add the defamatory or disgraceful wordings to our filter list to prevent its repetitious occurrence.

    (3) Request for hiding the “User Generated Alert Information”, et al.:

    User Generated Alert Information. Based on the model of calling, messaging and public information, the Company’s exclusive system might be able to identify some calls and messages as those undesired by some or multiple “Registered Users”. Unless otherwise provided herein, “Whoscall Service” will not meet the “Request for Hiding Information” voluntarily with respect to the entities, enterprises or individuals who give the sale or promotional calls or any other types of unwelcome calls or messages identified as uninvited by the users.

    The Company will conduct observation within 30 days after you mail privacy@gogolook.com, and follow the instruction and file a complaint, and then will hide said information upon expiration of said-noted 30-day period. Notwithstanding, if, after the Company hides the number in dispute, it is still detected as “User Generated Alert Information”, the “Company” makes no warranty that said information will not be displayed again. If it is the case, said unwelcome caller ID will be displayed to various “Whoscall Service User” continuously.

    (4) Request for modifying or hiding a “Third Party Database”:

    Upon receipt of the request for “modifying or hiding information”, the “Company” shall be entitled to ask the user to proceed with phone verification and provide the related documentary evidence and then accept the request upon verification. The “Company” does not own the control over a third party database. Therefore, your phone number and related information will not be changed or deleted from the third party database which might own your information simply on the ground of the “request for modifying or hiding Information” submitted by you to “Whoscall Service”. The “request for modifying or hiding Information” only represents that your information will be changed or will not be displayed in the information provided by “Whoscall Service”.

    Should you have any questions about said approach to identify the call information disclosure, please contact “Whoscall” data processing center at privacy@gogolook.com. Please note that submission of the "request for modifying or hiding information” does not represent that your phone number will be modified or deleted from the "Company’s" all databases. For example, the “Company” will reserve the information to meet your request. Please note that the “Company” reserves the ultimate right to decide and accept the way to process said information.

  6. Modification

    The ”Company” reserves the right to modify, change, discontinue or terminate the “Website” or “Whoscall Service” or to modify the Term of Service at any time at its sole discretion. If the ”Company” modifies the Term of Service herein, we will post the modification on the “Website” or notify you of the same via email, and will also upload the “Date of Update” to the Website homepage. If you continue to log in or access the “Website” or “Whoscall Service” after the ”Company” posts the modification on the “Website” or notify the same to you, you agree to accept the modified Term of Service. If you disagree with the modified Term of Service, you should cease to access the “Website” and “Whoscall Service” immediately.

  7. Bill and fee

    For most of the users, the “Whoscall Service” is free. The Term of Service about fees and payments, if any, shall vary depending on the type of phone you use, your “Mobile Service Provider”, and the version of the “Whoscall Service” you use. The Company might develop more “Whoscall Service”. Meanwhile, should there be any Term of Service about fees and payments, the ”Company” will show the relevant information completely and sufficiently. The Company will not ask you to provide the payment method until you agree with it.

    We reserve the right to modify, change, interrupt or terminate the Service or release the Service of different contents and versions, from time to time and with reasons. You also agree that we are entitled to set different pricing policies depending on the changed or different contents/versions of the Service after the public announcement (including but not limited to, increase or raise in the charges). You acknowledge and agree that unless otherwise published by the Company, your continuous access to the original services or added services after we publish the change of the pricing policies (irrelevant with increase or raise in the charges for the original services or re-enactment of the pricing policies with respected to the added services) shall constitute your agreement to the pricing policies published by us and to pay the service fees as agreed to us.

    You hereby declare that you are the owner or licensee of the wireless device used for the access to “Whoscall Applications”, and you are authorized to approve any applicable fees. You acknowledge and agree that in addition to the “Whoscall Service” fees, the messages and data transfer rate from your “Mobile Service Provider” might incur additional fees.

    For the applicable fees and any taxes and other charges potentially incurred by your use of the “Website” and “Whoscall Service”, your initial use of the same shall constitute your consent to pay the fees in whole. Unless otherwise provided in the Term of Service herein or the ”Company” charge policy, all of the fees you already paid will be non-refundable, and also non-transferrable to any other phone numbers. All of the fees and applicable taxes shall be paid in US dollars. Unless otherwise provided in the Term of Service herein or the ”Company” charge policy, you agree that the ”Company” may change the “Whoscall Service” fees and charges at any time, or add new fee titles from time to time, provided that the ”Company” will give you a prior notice about the change of fees and charges.

    If you fail to pay the “Whoscall Service” fees timely, or it is impossible for the “Whoscall Service” to access the information provided by you to process your transactions, the ”Company” may reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend you from accessing the “Whoscall Service”. If any payment is not made within 30 days after it becomes due, the ”Company” may reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to delete your “User Data” and terminate your “Whoscall Service” voluntarily.

  8. Termination

    If you breach any provision herein, the ”Company” shall be entitled to terminate your authority to access or log in the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service”. If it is the case, the ”Company” will cease to use the “User Data” provided by you immediately. the ”Company” reserves the right to change or revoke your login and access to the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service”, or suspend the “Whoscall Service” from using your “User Data” in whole or in part, at any time without notice. Unless otherwise provided herein, if you breach the “Terms of Service” and thereby cause the ”Company” to terminate or revoke your authority of access to the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service”, you shall bear all of the payments to be made pursuant to the “Terms of Service” or the ”Company” charge policy.

    You may cease to use the “Whoscall Applications" at any time. If you only delete the “Whoscall Application” from your mobile phone, your “user information” or “caller ID” will not be deleted from the “Website” or “Whoscall Service” therefor, because when you delete the application from your mobile phone, the “Company” will not receive any notice about your action. Therefore, deletion of the “Whoscall Applications” cannot afford to represent that you have ceased to use the “Website” or “Whoscall Applications”. Where a “Registered User” wishes to remove his “User Data”, he shall remove the same via the “Deletion of Account” function in the “Whoscall Applications”, provided that paid users will not be refunded for any prepayment made before the deletion.

  9. Whoscall property

    The ownership, title and interest in the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” shall be the exclusive property vested in the ”Company” and its licensor, now and in the future. The “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” are protected under the R.O.C. laws and any other countries’ laws regarding patent right, copyright, trademark right, and other related rights. Unless otherwise provided herein, you may not reproduce, disseminate, modify, compile, authorize, perform, issue, sell, transfer, display publicly, transmit publicly, produce derivative works of, or use in any other manners the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service”. You may not use the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” on any other websites for any purposes, or link said contents with those websites. The “User Data” excludes the contents, phone numbers, complaints, comments or remarks you contribute to the “Website” or any other websites operated by the ”Company”. If you submit or release any messages or comments in electronic form via the “Whoscall Service”, you automatically agree to grant the ”Company” a global, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable and transferable license, with respect to the messages and comments, to utilize, reproduce, disseminate, modify, adapt, compile, authorize, perform, publish, release, transfer, communicate, display publicly, transmit publicly, produce derivative works of, or use in any other manners your “messages” in any form or medium or with any technology, existing now or to be developed in the future. Further, you agree to waiver your economic right. To comply with the laws, the ”Company” shall be entitled to compile or delete the messages or comments, in whole or in part, provided that the ”Company” shall not be obligated to monitor or review any person’s comments. the ”Company” shall not be liable for accuracy, completeness, adequacy, validity or fitness of the contents or messages provided by you or any other persons. Meanwhile, the ”Company” will not endorse, approve, support, encourage, confirm, or agree to, any messages or comments submitted by another person. The relevant legal liability thereof shall be borne by you or the person who submits the messages or comments solely.

  10. Whoscall Applications

    According to the Term of Service herein, the ”Company” agrees to grant you a non-exclusive and non-transferrable license to run the “Whoscall Applications” on the mobile phone which you are approved to own and use, in order to enable you to use the “Whoscall Service”. Said license does not grant you the right to install and use the “Whoscall Applications” on any mobile phone which is not owned by you or licensed to you. The ”Company” shall reserve the rights in the “Whoscall Applications” which are not expressly granted to you under the Term of Service. For the purpose of the Term of Service herein, the duplicate of the “Whoscall Applications” used by you has been licensed by the ”Company”, provided that you shall not sell, transfer, or use for any commercial purposes, the duplicate. You own the mobile phone in which the “Whoscall Applications” are downloaded. Notwithstanding, the ownership of the duplicate of “Whoscall Applications” shall still remain vested in the ”Company”, including any intellectual property rights therein.

    You acknowledge that the “Company” is entitled to develop and release any upgrade of the “Whoscall Applications” and to upgrade the applications automatically or in electronic form. You acknowledge and agree the adequacy and validity of the upgrade of “Whoscall Applications” made by the ”Company” in your mobile phone, and also agree not to make any claims against the ”Company” with respect to the relevant upgrade policy. You acknowledge that the “Service Term of Service” will be applicable to any upgrade of the “Whoscall Applications”, unless the upgrade shall be subject to a license separately.

    If you destroys or deletes the duplicate of any “Whoscall Applications” owned or controlled by you, you terminate the license granted by the ”Company” to you to use the “Whoscall Applications”. If you breach any provisions herein, the license granted under the “Service Term of Service” will be terminated automatically, irrelevant with whether you receive a notification from the ”Company”.

  11. Commercial advertisement policy

    You acknowledge and agree that the Company may post legal advertising messages on pages of the “Whoscall Applications” to continue maintain the free services made available by Whoscall. The Company is dedicated to selecting safe and reliable sources of advertisements, legal broadcast network and advertisement partners to maintain that the Whoscall advertisements as displayed are safe and reliable, which will not affect the integrity of access to the ‘Whoscall Service”. The Company will spare no efforts to protect Whoscall users’ experience about the “Whoscall Service” from being affected.

    The Company owns legal and public yellow information, and the yellow page materials identified by users voluntarily. The Company will classify and identify the relevant information based on the type of service, geographical territory, characteristics, applicable age group and consumptive level as provided by said yellow page merchants, so as to help Whoscall show you the contents of advertisement which may better satisfy your interest and need. When a “Whoscall User” is using the Whoscall Service, including but not limited to, search for phone number, reverse lookup of phone number, and any other services by Whoscall, Whoscall will post advertisements on your search result page and other service interfaces.

    In order to upgrade the service quality and optimize the quality of advertisement, you agree that the Company is entitled to record and analyze the contents of advertisements accessed by you after your de-identification, subject to your authorization, to provide the advertisement spending for the re-marketing exclusively for your interest and need based on the Company’s exclusive systematic analysis, prevent you from watching same advertisements repeatedly, defect unpleasant contents of advertisement, and show the highly correlative advertisement which you might be interested in.

  12. Prohibitions

    You agree not to engage in any of the following activities when you access or log in the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” or “User Data”:

    1. Post, release or transmit the text, pictures or data which (i) are false or misleading, (ii) are libelous; (iii) infringe another person’s privacy; (iv) are obscene, pornographic or offensive; (v) promotes bias, racial discrimination or hatred, or causes hazard to any individual or group; (vi) infringe another person’s right, including but not limited to, intellectual property rights; or (vii) violate any applicable laws or regulations, or encourage any potential violations, or constitute any act subject to a civil action.

    2. Log in, interrupt or access the “Website”, the ”Company” computer system, or the non-disclosure areas in the systems of the ”Company” and its suppliers;

    3. Attempt to explore, detect or test the possibility for hacking any system or network, or enforce any measures against safety or identity certification;

    4. Use any search engine, software, tool, medium, device or mechanism other than the software or search engine provided by the ”Company” or a third party webpage browser accepted by the ”Company” (e.g. Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explore), in an attempt to log in, search or access the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” or “User Data”;

    5. Send unknown emails or spam mails, or send advertising emails, chain letters, or messages about product or service promotional campaigns or advertisements without prior consent from the ”Company”;

    6. Post or forge any TCP/IP packet header or a part thereof in any email or press release, or use the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” or “User Data” in any manner to send unauthorized and altered, fraudulent or false source of identifiable information;

    7. Attempt to decode, disassemble, decompile, or perform reverse engineering on, any software applied to provide the access to the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” or “User Data”;

    8. Reproduce (other than download or installation) or modify the “Whoscall Applications”, including but not limited to, add new functions or adapt the applications in any other manners to change the operation of “Whoscall Applications”;

    9. Transfer, sub-license, lease or lend, or distribute in any other manners, the “Whoscall Applications” to any third party;

    10. Make the functions of “Whoscall Applications” available to another person in any manners, including but not limited to, uploading the “Whoscall Applications” to any network or file sharing service, or via any host, application service provider, service entity, Saas or any other services;

    11. Interrupt or attempt to intervene the access of any “Whoscall Service User” , host or network, including but not limited to, distributing virus, overloading, abusing, or sending spam mails to the “Website”; or

    12. Misstate or misrepresent that you have any relationship with any person or entity.

    Said activities are held suspected of infringing IPR and network safety issues. the ”Company” shall be entitled to and will conduct investigation and initiate a legal action pursuant to laws. the ”Company” will work with the competent law-enforcing authority to pursue any person who breaches the “Service Term of Service” or laws. You acknowledge that the ”Company” shall not be obligated to monitor your login or access to the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” or “User Data”. For the operation of the “Website”, the ”Company” shall be entitled to take any relevant actions to ensure your compliance with the “Service Term of Service”, or other laws and regulations, or any order from courts, administrative authorities or other government authorities.

  13. Feedback

    The ”Company” encourages the “Member” to evaluate and test the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service”, and to provide the ”Company” with any feedback, comment and suggestion. You irrevocably grant the ”Company” a non-exclusive, sub-licensable, royalty-free and permanent license to produce, use, sell, reproduce, modify, issue and run the feedback, comment and suggestion provided by you. Pursuant to the “Service Term of Service”, no right or approval in the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” will be granted to you by said license.

  14. Link

    The “Website” might incorporate the links with a third party website or any other source of information. You acknowledge and agree that the ”Company” shall not be liable for the following: (1) availability or accuracy of any website or source of information other than the “Website”; or (ii) contents, products or services of any website or source of information other than the “Website”.

    The service made available by the “Website” to access any website or source of information other than the “Website”, if any, shall not constitute the ”Company” warranty towards the contents, products or services made available by any website or source of information other than the “Website”. You hereby acknowledge that you shall be liable for your use of any website or source of information other than the “Website”, in addition to any risk arising therefrom, solely.

  15. Use at your own risk

    You shall bear any risk potentially arising from your login and access to the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” or “User Data”. the ”Company” will not be liable for any damage, loss of data or other losses caused to your computer systems or mobile devices by your login or access to the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” or “User Data”. When you start to use the “Whoscall Service”, You agree the ”Company” has rights to search your “Caller ID” and “User Data”, including but not limited to, under the permission from a third party supplier and mobile service operator.

    You acknowledge and agree that you shall not rely on the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” or “User Data” with any causes to make any decision. You also acknowledge and agree that you shall be responsible for maintenance, backup and protection of your “User Data” with full power.

  16. Disclaimer

    The ”Company” will use the contents of the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” as “it is”, without any express or implicit warranties or conditions. You expressly acknowledge and agree that you shall use the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” or “User Data” at your own risk, including satisfactory quality, performance, accuracy and effort thereof. Without limiting the foregoing, you expressly disclaim any warranties of the ”Company” towards the merchantability or fitness, accuracy, non-interruption or non-infringement of the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” or “User Data”, and also any warranties and conditions of the ”Company” towards the process or purpose of transactions.

    The ”Company” will not make any warranties towards non-interruption of the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service”, or the compliance of the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” or “User Data” with your requirements, or a non-interrupted, safe or error-free service environment, and rectification of relevant defects.

    The ”Company” also makes no warranties towards the quality of any product, service or data accessed via the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service”, or accuracy, timeliness, authenticity, completeness or reliability of any data accessed via the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” or “User Data”.

    Unless otherwise expressly provided herein, any suggestions or data, verbal or written, accessed by you from the ”Company” or via the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” or “User Data” will not constitute any warranties. If the service is proven to be defective, you shall bear all expenses related to the maintenance, repairing or correction as required.

  17. Indemnity

    You shall indemnify and keep the ”Company” and its directors, supervisors, managers, employees and agents harmless against any damages and expenses incurred by a third party’s claim, demand, dispute, obligation, damage, loss and expenditure resulting from your login or access to the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” or “User Data”, or the “Caller ID” provided by you, or from your breach of the “Service Term of Service”, including but not limited to, all reasonable legal and accounting expenses.

  18. Limitation of liability

    To the extent permitted by applicable laws, the ”Company” will not be liable for any personal injury, or incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages, including but not limited to, any loss of profit, loss of data, interruption of business or other business impairment or loss caused by your access to or failure to access the “Whoscall Applications”, or the same caused by your login/access to or failure to access/log in the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service”, irrelevant with whether it is based guarantee, contract, tort or any other legal requirements, or whether the ”Company” has been advised of the possibility of such injury or damages.

    You acknowledge that the ”Company” shall not be liable for the following damages: (1) another member’s or a third party’s libelous, offensive or illegal activity, and any damages caused therefrom shall be borne by you; (2) any third party’s contents uploaded to or downloaded from the “Website”, or via the “Whoscall Service”; (3) any damages caused by the access to your “Caller ID”; or (4) any dispute or effect arising between you and a third party from your access to the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service”.

    You agree that the damages arising from your access to the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” or “User Data”, if any, payable by the ”Company” to you pursuant to the “Service Term of Service” or laws shall be applicable only when the damages are caused by the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” intentionally or negligently, and shall the higher of US$100, or the payment already made by you to the ”Company” for the access to the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service” in the month of occurrence of the damages. The requirement about said damages limit shall be the fundamental element constituting the contract/service relationship between you and the ”Company”.

  19. Severability

    If any provision herein is held invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions herein shall remain effective.

  20. Waiver

    The ”Company” failure to exercise or enforce any right or interest required under the “Service Term of Service” shall not constitute its waiver to such right or interest.

  21. Governing law and jurisdiction

    Where the “Company” has provided a translation of the Chinese language version of the “Terms of Service” (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese Version"), the “Chinese Version” will govern the relationship between “Whoscall Service User” and the “Company”. In the event of a contradiction between the “Chinese Version” and a translation, the provisions in the “Chinese Version” shall take precedence over any other translation. The legal dispute arising from your access to the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service”, if any, shall be governed by the Taiwan R.O.C. laws without involving the application of law in civil relations with foreigners. You also agree that the dispute shall submit to the jurisdiction of Taiwan Taipei District court, R.O.C. in the first instance.

  22. Entire agreement

    The “Service Term of Service” shall constitute the entire agreement between you and the ”Company” with respect to the “Website”, “Whoscall Contents” and “Whoscall Service”, and shall supersede any prior agreement between you and the ”Company” with respect to the same.

Revised on June 6, 2018

Service Terms and Conditions of Whoscall Card

Welcome your access to Whoscall Card. Whoscall Card is a new service released by Gogolook (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) under the “Whoscall Applications”. Your access to Whoscall Card (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) at any platform (including but not limited to Android, iOS or Web) will be bound by the following user terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”). If you disagree with the Terms and Conditions herein, please do not access Whoscall Card. Your access to Whoscall Card will constitute your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. We are hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “We”. Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions before accessing the Service.

  1. Application for the Service

    Before accessing the Service, you have already read, understood and agreed to the Whoscall Service Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. You also agree to access the Service on the premise that you comply with Whoscall Service Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Any circumstances not agreed herein shall apply Whoscall Service Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Whoscall Card is a new functional service of Whoscall Applications. The Service provides both free and paid editions. You may access and experience Whoscall Card functions without charge on the Site or developed APP. You may subscribe to the paid edition of Whoscall Card via the account you select to enjoy more convenient services and benefits.

    Whoscall Card is a commercial optional service provided by the Company, aiming to provide basic management and display of information disclosed by users voluntarily. Upon your access to the Service, the Company will provide the information you have filled out and agreed to publicly disclose to other parties using the Company's products and services, per the “free edition” or “paid edition” chosen by you optionally.

    You acknowledge and agree that you may access Whoscall Card Service only when you are the real owner, user, or agent duly authorized by the owner of the given phone information. If any person complains that the information provided by you is incorrect or unqualified for said application, the Company reserves the right to terminate Whoscall Card Service with no refund. Upon the Company’s completion of related certification and settings per the option for payment chosen by you, you may access Whoscall Card value-added service functions. The commercial optional service of Whoscall Card is exclusive for the access to the account and phone number you designate in your application. You may not claim transfer, re-sale or lease of the same to others or access any other phone number.

  2. Paid service

    If you select the paid edition of Whoscall Card Service, you shall make the payment in the manner specified on the user interface to access the complete Whoscall Card Service. The paid edition of Whoscall Card shall be paid on a monthly basis. The cash payment tools provided via the platform will help you subscribe for the Service.

    Upon your selection of the payment method and disclosure of your account number, Whoscall Card will debit the payment for the first-month subscription immediately, and will invoice via automatic debit in the account provided by you on the same date of the next month, and so on. You may terminate the paid Whoscall Card Service via the user interface provided by Whoscall any time.

    Notwithstanding, please note that your application for termination will not take effective until the next month in which no debit is done, and the service will be restored to the free edition of Whoscall Card immediately after the termination takes effect.

    Due to technical limitations, we currently do not support transfer of the Service via the same account number and phone number between different mobile platforms. Therefore, if you wish to continue accessing the Service after replacing your phone with another mobile phone or 3C product equipped with a different system, you shall apply for stoppage of payment and subscription via the account number on the previous platform system, and re-apply for subscription and access to the Service on the new platform system.

    Where it is impossible for the Company to continue providing you with the Service due to circumstances attributed to the Company, the Company will notify you that the Whoscall Card Service will be terminated within the next month. Where you make the payment repeatedly due to erroneous operation of credit card, you may reflect the case to the Customer Service Center. Considering that Whoscall Card is a digital service and the charges collected by the cash payment supplier in the process of subscription (inclusive into the original value-added service fees) is non-refundable, the Company will refund you balance of the payment less the charges collected by the cash payment supplier.

    According to the Consumers Protection Law, upon purchase of the paid edition of Whoscall Card, you may be entitled to the probationary period (hereinafter referred to as “7-day trial period”). If you wish to claim refund within 7 days upon the purchase, please contact our Customer Service Center. The Company will refund balance of the payment based on the residual period for access to the Service proportionally and less the charges collected by the cash payment supplier, without additional service charges. No more than one application for refund may be claimed per phone number. If you have already receiveded exclusive gifts or promotional offers for paid Whoscall Card Service within the 7-day trial period, please note that you will be disqualified for the refund. Apart from the aforementioned circumstances referred to in the preceding paragraph, you may not claim refund of payment with any excuse upon expiration of the 7-day trial period after you subscribe for the value-added service and make the payment.

  3. Submissions

    You agree to grant the Company and its subsidiaries, affiliates, representatives and designees a non-exclusive, free, global, negotiable and royalty-free license with respect to the identity information submitted by you upon access to Whoscall Card (hereinafter referred to as the “submissions”), and also license said entities to display, perform in public, distribute, save, convert, broadcast, transmit or reproduce, and use and re-use in any manner your submissions (or any part or derivative work thereof) and to engage in said activities in any manner, on any media or for any purpose and for establishment of database, gathering of statistics and analysis. If you wish to know more about how Whoscall Card will use the submissions, please refer to the Privacy Policy about Whoscall and Whoscall Card.

    The Service enables you to upload the submissions for custody, display and distribution to the other users of the Service, such as sending messages and other contents to the Website. Your submissions to Whoscall shall constitute your acknowledgement and agreeance. You shall not expect any compensation or confidentiality of any kind toward the submissions, and this requirement has binding effect on all of the Website users. The Company reserves the right to link and display your contents submitted by you with the links to advertisements and the right to engage in propagation and promote Whoscall, the Website and other Whoscall products or services by means of your submissions. We also reserve the right to replace or delete any submissions the Company deems in violation of the Terms and Conditions herein or any of the Company’s related policies.

    You represent and warrant:

    1. (1) The ownership of the submissions is vested in you, or you have acquired the license toward the submissions to enable you to license Whoscall to use your submissions.
    2. (2) Your submissions are free from infringement upon copyright, privacy, right of publicity, or any third party’s legal or ethical rights. You agree to retain all necessary records to certify that your submissions are free from violation of said representation and warranty and ensure that these records have binding effect on Whoscall when Whoscall requests.
  4. Suspension

    The Company applies the “review upon request system” when validating information. Where your submissions meet any of the following circumstances, the Company shall be entitled to delete your submissions and even suspend you from accessing Whoscall Card Service. Please note that where your violation of the Terms and Conditions results in a suspension penalty rendered by the Company, the Company will not refund any payments already made by you since you breached the contract first. We will also cancel your subscription to the paid edition of Whoscall Card (if you chose this option). You can resubscribe to the paid edition of Whoscall Card at the end of your suspension penalty:

    1. (1) Publication of any contents against laws or good morals.
    2. (2) Publication of any false information and biased contents
    3. (3) Publication of any contents infringing upon another person's intellectual property rights.
    4. (4) Publication of messages infringing upon privacy or involving personal attack: e.g. the contents publishing another person’s personal information, infringing upon another person’s privacy, or involving provocative, abusive, insulting or defaming statement or any other inadequate emotional language.
    5. (5) Violation of the representation and warranty referred to in the preceding clause.

    Where another person files a complaint with Whoscall Card Service alleging that you meet said circumstances, the Company will remove the related contents and render either temporary or permanent suspension if necessary upon verification of the situation. While you are suspended, you will not be allowed to access Whoscall Card Service or disclose the identity information you originally edited on Whoscall Card Service to your callers.

  5. Access to the Website and contents

    You agree that unless with written authorization under the Terms and Conditions or by the Company and the relevant licensor, you will never reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, re-sell or use for any purpose the Website or any part thereof, including but not limited to, the contents, logos and Whoscall Card-related application functions. You must be bound by the copyright statement, information or restrictions on any related contents. You agree that we are entitled to use any information about you accessed by us via the Website pursuant to the Website’s privacy policy.

    Whoscall Card Service prohibits you from engaging in the activities including but not limited to the following:

    1. (1) Activities against any local, state, country or international laws or regulations.
    2. (2) Distribution of any materials involving abusive, harassing, infringing, slanderous, vulgar, pornographic or obscene statement or infringement upon another person’s privacy, or statement about hatred or racist, or any other inadequate materials.
    3. (3) Transmission of any advertisements, promotional materials, spam, junk mails, chain letters, multi-marketing information, or temptation in any form without request or authorization.
    4. (4) Knowingly distribution of advertising software, malicious software, spy software, software virus or other computer program codes or files, or any materials designed in order to interrupt with, ruin or restrict any computer software, hardware or communication equipment functions.
    5. (5) Track, harass or hurt any third party.
    6. (6) Pretend to be any person or enterprise, or lead others in other manners to misbelieve that you are subordinated to some person or enterprise.
    7. (7) Interrupt with or ruin the Website; interrupt with or ruin the access to the Website server or network, or fail to comply with any requirements, procedures, policies, or terms and conditions or policies of Whoscall commercial websites.
    8. (8) Activate any automated systems, including but not limited to, robot, worm, VPN or RSS, to visit the Website, or send the requests during the same period most of which are judged by the Website as abnormal, compared with any normal user who engages in fair use via routine website browser.
  6. Ownership

    Whoscall considers that your submissions should constitute your agreement to the disclosure of information. On Whoscall Website, any information including but not limited to text, software, copywriter, picture, photo, voice, music, image, interactive function and information, and any services are all provided by the Website. Said materials, including but not limited to, Whoscall application programs, Whoscall trademarks or logos, and names, logos and materials displayed via the Website are owned by or licensed to the Company. Said rights acquired and owned by the Company are protected under the Copyright Act, Trademark Act and Patent Act of the R.O.C. and international IPR laws and regulations. The Company is entitled to claim said rights against you and any third party.

  7. Feedback

    You also agree that the Company and its affiliates may use, verbally or in writing, for any purpose, or send to Whoscall or its affiliates, any of your ideas, knowledge, concepts, technology, comments, remarks or complaints, or any feedback other than said submissions (“Feedback”). You acknowledge and agree that you shall not expect any compensation or confidentiality of any type toward the Feedback, and Whoscall shall not be obligated to keep confidential, maintain or otherwise restrict your Feedback.

  8. Subcontractor and Cooperation

    Whoscall Card is likely to cooperate with third party subcontractors in order to provide you with more well-founded and comprehensive Whoscall Card services. You agree that the public information submitted by you may be applied legally when the Company cooperates with the third party subcontractor and competency model shall be implemented to upgrade Whoscall Card service quality. You understand that given said circumstances, Whoscall Card will use the information with the subcontractor on the premise that the Personal Information Protection Law is protected and, without your permission, will never use any privacy information undisclosed by you and thereby infringe upon your privacy.

  9. Social Responsibility

    You understand that the access to Whoscall Card Service will not affect the search for information and data in the Whoscall database set up by the Company. The Company will still make available the feedback provided by non-specified community users for access to the phone number under Whoscall Card Service and public information accessed from third party database’s in users’ visible links. In situations where the phone number using Whoscall Card Service is classified as a frequently blocked number or similar warning status according to feedback and third party database’s, you agree that Whoscall Card Service may display the status of such phone numbers on the user interface to help users make judgment and to fulfill its social responsibility.

  10. Disclaimer

    You expressly agree that you shall bear the risk on your own when accessing the Website. The Website provides services “as is”. Insofar as permitted under the laws and regulations applicable to Whoscall Card, Whoscall and its affiliates expressly disclaim any warranties (including but not limited to the implicit warrant toward merchantability, fitness for specific purpose and non-infringement), express or implicit, in any form. Whoscall and its affiliates also do not represent or warrant the accuracy or completeness of the contents or resources accessed via the Website, and do not bear any liability or obligation toward the following circumstances:

    1. (1) Omission, error or incorrect information.
    2. (2) Any personal injury or property loss of any kind caused by your visit or access to the Website.
    3. (3) Any unauthorized visit or access to our server and the personal information or financial information stored therein.
    4. (4) Interruption with or stoppage of transmission from the Website.
    5. (5) Any bug, virus or Trojan horse transmitted to the Website via a third party.
    6. (6) Any loss or damage of any kind caused by access to the contents posted, sent via email or transmitted to the Website or provided via the Website.

    The Company and its affiliates do not undertake, endorse, guarantee, or bear or approve the liability toward the advertisements on Whoscall Website or any websites linked thereto or any products or services provided to a third party on the Website or websites. The Company and its affiliates are not responsible for supervising any transactions of products or services between you and the third party supplier. You acknowledge and agree that all of the information and materials downloaded or accessed via the Website are used by you based on your own judgment and you are willing to be liable for any damage and risk derived therefor. No express warranty will be made toward any suggestions or messages accessed by you from or via the Website, verbal or written.

  11. Indemnity

    You agree to indemnify and keep the Company and its directors, supervisors, managers, employees and agents harmless against any claims, obligation, damages, loss, cost, expense or agency fee (including reasonable attorney fee and cost of action of any type or nature) resulting from or related to the following:

    1. (1) Any information (including but not limited to your opinion, feedback or any other contents) submitted, released or communicated or passed the Website by you (or the person who accesses your account).
    2. (2) Access to the Website by you (or the person who accesses your account).
    3. (3) Violation of the Terms and Conditions by you (or the person who accesses your account).
    4. (4) Infringement upon any other persons or entities by you (or the person who accesses your account), including any rights but not limited to copyright, patent, trademark, business secret, or any other proprietary rights of any person or enterprise. The Company reserves the right to claim that you shall be obligated to defend against any problems and be entitled to control the defense. You shall assist the Company with the exclusive defense and control during any defensive cooperation with the Company; otherwise, you shall indemnify the Company the damages caused therefor.
  12. Termination

    In the event of your violation of the Terms and Conditions, the Company shall be entitled to terminate the permission of your access to the Website, contents and services automatically. The Company reserves the right to modify or revoke your login and access to the Website, contents and services at any time, or the right to suspend your access to the user information, in whole or in part, in the process of Whoscall Service. You agree that in the event of said circumstances, the Company may exercise the right without prior notice to you. Unless otherwise provided, if your violation resulting in the Company’s termination or cancellation of the authority of your access to the contents and services on the Website, if any, you shall bear the relevant liability and damages according to the conditions posed in this clause or the rate required under the Company’s billing policy.

  13. Application and Interpretation

    Where the Company considers that under any circumstances not provided herein, if any, the application of Whoscall Service Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy should be likely to be in conflict with or violate the purpose of Whoscall Card Service, you agree that the Company shall be entitled to decide the priority of the related terms and conditions, policy or regulations to be applied, and take any other adequate measures if necessary.

Revised on June 27, 2016

Service Terms and Conditions of Whoscall Landline

歡迎您使用 Whoscall 象卡來市話版,Whoscall 象卡來市話版是走著瞧股份有限公司(以下稱「本公司」)推出的服務。以下使用條款和服務條件(以下簡稱「本條款」)將約束您使用 Whoscall 象卡來市話版(下稱「本服務」),如您不同意本服務條款,請不要使用 Whoscall 象卡來市話版,一旦您開始使用 Whoscall 象卡來市話版,即視為您接受本條款。我們在本條款稱自己為「本公司」或「我們」。使用本服務之前,請仔細閱讀這些條款。

1. 服務之提供

於使用本服務前,您已詳閱、瞭解並同意 Whoscall 服務條款隱私權政策,並同意您在遵守 Whoscall 服務條款及隱私權政策之前提下使用本服務,如有本條款未約定之情形下,皆應適用 Whoscall 服務條款及隱私權政策。

Whoscall 象卡來市話版包含主機(實體)及來電辨識訂閱方案(虛擬服務),是本公司對於市話提供的來電辨識服務,旨在透過 Whoscall 資料庫提供室內電話來電辨識功能。使用本服務,您需要將 Whoscall 象卡來市話版主機(以下簡稱「主機」)與您所處環境的室內電話機、無線網路 Wi-Fi 連接後,並搭配來電辨識訂閱方案進行使用。當有來電時,辨識結果將會顯示於主機螢幕上。


2. 付費說明

如您欲使用本服務,您須同時購買主機和來電辨識訂閱方案,本方案之官方定價費用總額為1,499元,包含主機購買費用及首年服務訂閱費用,其中主機購買費用為899元為一次性購買,來電辨識訂閱方案為訂閱制,首年之服務訂閱費用為600元。您可以透過 Whoscall 經銷商與電商平台進行購買。


若因您的信用卡操作不當致重覆繳款,請您至 Whoscall 象卡來市話版客服中心反應(客服電話 (03)516-0108 或客服信箱 whoscall.landline@gogolook.com),您了解因訂購流程中金流廠商收取的代收費用無法退還,因此本公司將扣除金流廠商的代收費用後,返還剩餘費用予您,不另行收手續費。

如因可歸責於本公司之事由致無法繼續提供本服務時,本公司得通知您將於何時終止提供 Whoscall 象卡來市話版服務,並按訂閱使用期限剩餘之比例並扣除金流廠商的代收費用後,返還剩餘費用予您,不另行收手續費。

3. 主機保固

主機購買後一年內自然性故障(非消費者人為因素所導致者),我們將提供相關機器維修以確保服務得持續進行。請確實遵照安裝指南進行安裝,並以善良管理人注意義務保持主機正常使用,如主機損壞係人為破壞所致者,將會收取維修費用。若您於安裝或使用時有任何問題,敬請聯繫客服電話(03)516-0108 或客服信箱 whoscall.landline@gogolook.com。更多相關保固規定請參閱常見問題。如訂閱到期後未續購,本公司則將終止提供本服務。

4. 優惠版服務說明



(2)本公司基於公司政策改變擬停止 Whoscall 象卡來市話版家用服務,並已提前30天通知或公告者。


5. 綁約違約金

您了解並同意,來電辨識訂閱方案的綁約方案享有專案價補貼,若您欲提前終止時,需扣除作業費 150 元並支付補貼款。實際支付金額則以違約時,綁約未到期之剩餘月份數按比例計算,計算公式:

實際應繳補貼款(四捨五入至整數)= 原價訂閱月費 x 已使用月數 + 作業費 - 已付訂閱費


6. 鑑賞期

若你是透過電商平台購買本服務,依據消費者保護法之規定,您有七天猶豫期間(下稱七天鑑賞期),若您於購買七天內欲解除契約,請您至客服中心反應。提醒您!不同的經銷商可能會提供多於七天的鑑賞期,故鑑賞期請以購買時的經銷商為準。您了解並同意,退貨時需將產品恢復至商品到貨時的狀況,並保持完整原廠包裝(包含商品本體、配件、說明書…等),本公司將於確認無誤後返還費用予您,不另行收手續費或物流費,惟若有任何損毀,可能會影響您退貨相關權益。但如您已於七天鑑賞期內領取 Whoscall 象卡來市話版付費服務專屬獨家贈品,請注意您將無法達成鑑賞期退費條件,不得辦理退費手續。除前述經銷商對於鑑賞期另有規定之情形外,您一經購買本服務且繳納費用,於七天鑑賞期過後,即不得以任何理由請求返還已繳納之費用。

7. 使用本網站和內容

您瞭解所有關於本服務內容之智慧財產權皆由本公司所有,您同意除非經本條款或由本公司及其適用許可方另行書面授權外,絕不重製、複製、拷貝、出售、轉售,或以任何方式、任何用途使用本網站或本網站的任何部分或全部,包括但不限於網站設計、圖文內容、商標、標誌、Whoscall 資料庫及其運作方法,以及 Whoscall 象卡來市話版相關應用功能您必須接受任何相關內容的包含但不限著作權等智慧財產權聲明、資訊或限制的約束。您同意,我們有權按照本網站隱私政策的規定,使用我們透過本網站所取得之任何有關於您的信息。

Whoscall 象卡來市話版服務禁止您所從事的內容和活動包括但不限於:




(4)干擾或破壞本網站;或干擾或破壞連接到本網站服務器或網絡;或不遵守任何規定、程序、政策或 Whoscall 商務網站之條款或政策。


8. 反饋

您進一步同意,本公司及其關係企業可以基於任何目的,無論是以口頭或書面的方式自由使用,發送到Whoscall 或者其關係企業有關於任何您的想法、知識、概念、技術、評論、批評、檢舉,或其他非屬前述提交內容的反饋(下稱「反饋」)。您承認並同意對於這樣的反饋,您沒有預期的補償或任何性質的機密性,並且對於您的反饋 Whoscall 有義務為保密、保存或有其他之限制。

9. 協力廠商與合作

Whoscall 象卡來市話版有可能會欲其他第三方協力廠商進行合作,以期提供您更完善以及多方位的 Whoscall 象卡來市話版服務。您同意您提交的公開資訊可提供本公司與第三方協力廠商合作時進行合法的應用,並落實權能分工的精神使用在提升 Whoscall 象卡來市話版服務的品質。您理解在前述前提下,Whoscall 象卡來市話版將在合乎個人資料保護法的前提下與協力廠商進行運用,非經您的同意,並不會侵害您其他未公開的隱私資訊。

10. 賠償







11. 終止

如果您違反了這些條款,本公司有權將您使用本網站、內容與服務的許可自動終止。本公司保留在任何時候修改或撤銷您的登入與存取本網站、內容與服務之權利,或者使您全部或部分的使用者資料在Whoscall 服務中暫停使用的權利,您並同意當前述情形發生時,本公司將無需另行個別通知您後才得行使權利。除非另有規定,當您違反了本條款,以致於本公司終止或取消您存取本網站內容和服務的權限時,您應根據本條提出的條件或本公司收費政策的款項承擔相應的責任與費用。

12. 適用與解釋

關於本條款未有規定之情形,如本公司認為適用 Whoscall 服務條款及隱私權政策之結果,將與本條款有任何衝突之虞或違反 Whoscall 象卡來市話版服務目的時,您同意本公司有權決定是否適用相關條款、政策或規範其適用之次序,並得視個案情況就前開情形為其他適當處置。使用本公司推出與第三方廠商合作之加值型服務者,如該服務與協力單位有直接適用或佈達之政策,以該項公告內容為優先試用。

Service Terms and Conditions of Whoscall Number

歡迎您使用 Whoscall Number,Whoscall Number 是走著瞧股份有限公司(以下稱「本公司」)於「Whoscall 應用程式」之下推出的新服務。以下使用條款和服務條件(以下簡稱「本條款」)將約束您在任何平台端(包含但不限於 Android、iOS 或 Web)使用 Whoscall Number(下稱「本服務」),如您不同意本服務條款,請不要使用 Whoscall Number,一旦您開始使用 Whoscall Number,我們即視為您接受本條款。我們在本條款稱自己為「本公司」或「我們」。使用本服務之前,請仔細閱讀這些條款。

1. 服務之提供與申請

    於使用本服務前,您已詳閱、瞭解並同意 Whoscall 服務條款隱私權政策,並同意您在遵守 Whoscall 服務條款及隱私權政策之前提下使用本服務,如有本條款未約定之情形下,皆應適 Whoscall 服務條款及隱私權政策。

    您了解並同意,您必須需確實為該筆電話資訊的所有人、使用人或經所有人合法授權之代理人才能使用 Whoscall Number 的服務,若經舉報您提供的資訊不正確甚至非屬前述適格之申請者,本公司有權終止 Whoscall Number 服務,且您不得要求退費。Whoscall Number 之商業附加服務,係專供您申請時指定之帳號及電話號碼使用,您不得以任何方式要求轉讓、轉售或出租予其他人或其他電話號碼為使用。


    2. 提交內容

    因您使用 Whoscall Number 服務而提交之辨識資訊(統稱為「提交內容」),您同意授與本公司及其分支機構、關係企業、代表人和指定人一個非獨家、無償、全球性、可轉讓且免版稅的權利,同時授予前述授權單位,得以展示、公開執行、分發、存儲、轉碼、播放、傳輸、複製衍生作品、及以其他方式使用和重複利用您提交內容(或任何部分或其衍生產品),並且得以任何方式、在任何媒體、出於任何目的進行前述活動以及作為資料庫建置、統計及分析之用,如您想更清楚瞭解 Whoscall Number 對提交內容的使用方式,請參考 Whoscall 及 Whoscall Number 之隱私權政策。

    3. 使用本服務和內容

    您同意除非經本條款或由本公司及其適用許可方另行書面授權外,絕不重製、複製、拷貝、出售、轉售或利用作任何用途使用本服務、或本服務的任何部分,包括但不限於內容、標誌以及 Whoscall Number 相關應用功能。您必須接受任何相關內容的所著作權聲明、資訊或限制的約束。您同意,我們有權按照本服務隱私政策的規定,使用我們透過本服務所取得之任何有關於您的信息。

    Whoscall Number 服務禁止您所從事的內容和活動包括但不限於:










    (10) 您同意本公司就本服務之進行保留最終審核並隨時有停權的權利,並於停權期間不向您收取任何服務費用。

    4. 權利歸屬

    Whoscall Number 對於您所提交的內容視為您同意公開的資訊,而在 Whoscall 商務網上,除提交內容外,包括但不限於文字、軟體、文案、圖形、照片、聲音、音樂、影像、互動功能、資訊及任何服務皆係由本服務所提供的,前述所示之素材包括但不限於 Whoscall 應用程式、Whoscall 商標、標識,以及通過本服務顯示的名稱、標識和所有素材皆為本公司所擁有或授權使用。您理解使用本服務所提供之號碼資訊與素材,本公司有權就此與其它資訊建立資料庫與以保存,您不得要求本公司為單一資料的銷毀或返還。前述本公司所取得及擁有之權利,皆受著作權法、商標法、專利法等中華民國與國際智慧財產權法規保護,並得據此向您及第三人主張前述權利。

    5. 反饋

    您進一步同意,本公司及其關係企業可以基於任何目的,無論是以口頭或書面的方式自由使用,發送到 Whoscall 或者其關係企業有關於任何您的想法、知識、概念、技術、評論、批評、檢舉,或其他非屬前述提交內容的反饋(「反饋」)。您承認並同意對於這樣的反饋,您沒有預期的補償或任何性質的機密性,並且對於您的反饋 Whoscall 沒有義務為保密、保存或有其他之限制。

    6. 協力廠商與合作

    Whoscall Number 有可能會欲其他第三方協力廠商進行合作,以期提供您更完善以及多方位的 Whoscall Number 服務。您同意您提交的公開資訊可提供本公司與第三方協力廠商合作時進行合法的應用,並落實權能分工的精神使用在提升 Whoscall Number 服務的品質。您理解在前述前提下,Whoscall Number 將在合乎個人資料保護法的前提下與協力廠商進行運用,非經您的同意,並不會侵害您其他未公開的隱私資訊。

    7. 社會責任

    您理解使用 Whoscall Number 服務後,並不影響本公司建置之 Whoscall 資料庫其搜尋資訊及資料的呈現。本公司對於不特定人就使用 Whoscall Number 服務的電話號碼所提供的訊息以及公開第三方資料庫所取得的訊息仍會保留在使用者可視連結中展開。如使用 Whoscall Number 服務之電話號碼經統計回報者與第三方資料庫的資料,仍有被歸類為高頻電話等警示電話之狀況時,您同意 Whoscall Number 服務可於介面上載記被歸類為警示電話之統計狀況以供使用者判斷,以此善盡社會責任。

    8. 免責聲明

    您明確同意使用本服務時應當自負風險。本服務是基於「現況」及「現有」為基礎提供服務。在 Whoscall Number 適用的法律規範內,無論明示或者暗示,Whoscall 及其關係企業明確否認以任何形式向您作任何保證(包含且不限於適銷性的默示保證、適用特定用途和非侵權性)。Whoscall 及其關係企業亦不陳述或保證連接至本服務或資源內容的準確性或完整性,並且對下述事件不承擔任何責任或義務:







    本公司及其關係企業不承諾、背書、保證、或承擔或通過 Whoscall 商務網站或任何鏈接網站的廣告或提供第三方任何產品或服務的責任。本公司及其關係企業將不會負責監督您與第三方供應商之間的任何產品或服務交易活動。您承認並同意,通過使用本服務下載或者取得所有資訊與素材,是根據您自行的判斷後使用,並且將自行全權負責由此產生的任何損害與風險。任何您從或者透過本服務取得的建議或信息,無論是口頭或書面,在此均不明確作出任何保證。

    9. 賠償







    10. 終止

    如果您違反了這些條款,本公司有權將您使用本服務、內容與服務的許可自動終止。本公司保留在任何時候修改或撤銷您的登入與存取本服務、內容與服務之權利,或者使您全部或部分的使用者資料的在 Whoscall 服務中暫停使用的權利,您並同意當前述情形發生時,本公司將無需另行個別通知您後才得行使權利。除非另有規定,當您違反了本條款,以致於本公司終止或取消您存取本服務內容和服務的權限時,您應根據本條提出的條件或本公司收費政策的款項承擔相應的責任與費用。

    11. 適用與解釋

    關於本條款未有規定之情形,如本公司認為適用 Whoscall 服務條款及隱私權政策之結果,將與本條款有任何衝突之虞或違反 Whoscall Number 服務目的時,您同意本公司有權決定是否適用相關條款、政策或規範其適用之次序,並得視個案情況就前開情形為其他適當處置。本公司同時保留因應公司政策、產品調整或系統更新、維護時而暫時停止提供服務的權利,本公司得先透過推播或電子郵件等方式進行公告,於暫停提供服務之期間,不收取任何服務費用