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Deepfake Scam Calls Are Targeting Your Family. Beware of Scammers Impersonating Your Voice!

Scam Alert
2024-06-11 | Whoscall


The founder of Whoscall warns that his family received a Deepfake scam call. Scammers are collecting people's voices and personal information, then calling family members pretending to be you and claiming you've changed your phone number. What exactly are Deepfake scams, and how can we prevent them? This article will explain it all.

Fake Relative Scams Upgraded: Beware of Deepfake Scam Calls

The founder of Whoscall says his family just received a call using DeepFake technology, with a voice that sounded like the founder himself, claiming to have changed his phone number.
" Hey, Dad! It’s me... I’ve changed my number. The new number is 0983-215-133... "
Just a few days ago, another person who used a Chinese AI voice app found that their family suddenly received a call pretending to be him, using his voice.
According to Whoscall statistics, there has been a surge in DeepFake reports recently! This indicates that such calls are not isolated incidents but are happening all around us. Please be careful and remind your family!

What is Deepfake?

Deepfake is a synthetic term that combines "deep learning" and "fake." Through this technology, the faces and even the voices of people in pre-recorded videos can be replaced, making it hard to detect flaws if you don't look closely.
For example, a video originally featuring person A can be altered using Deepfake to replace A's face and voice with those of person B. B's expressions and body movements seamlessly integrate with the original, making it appear as if B performed the actions and spoke the words in the video, even though they never did.

How to Identify Deepfake Scam Calls

Confirm the identity

Deepfake technology can make voices sound almost identical to the real person. Therefore, you cannot rely on a person's voice alone to recognize them as the caller. Always use additional methods to verify identity, such as contacting the person through other channels to confirm if they really changed their phone number, or setting up a unique code between you and your family. When you receive a call, you can use this code to verify the caller's identity.

Use Whoscall to filter Scam Calls

Whoscall has a huge database of numbers, which is an incredible tool to help identify numbers and warn users about malicious calls! This allows you to detect scams before you pick up the phone. Install Whoscall for free, and help your family members install it as well to avoid scam calls from scammers!
Additionally, users should remember to update the Whoscall number database every Monday within the app to ensure their phone can recognize the latest scam numbers.    

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Beware! Personal Data Leaks Make You More Vulnerable

You might be curious how scammers can obtain your voice, photos, and even know the phone numbers of your relatives and the relationships you have with them. All of this could be related to personal data leaks.

Using suspicious face-swapping or voice-changing apps can lead to your voice and photos being leaked. Additionally, falling for phishing websites, downloading malicious software, getting hacked, or experiencing corporate security breaches can all result in your personal data being exposed. Without you knowing, scammers may already have your name, phone number, address, and other information.

Want to know if your personal data has already been leaked? Use Whoscall's new feature "ID Security" to check for free whether your personal information has been leaked and to take remedial measures and precautions as soon as possible.

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☑️ Filter scam SMS: After upgrading to Whoscall Premium, Whoscall automatically categorizes your messages, filtering out high-risk texts for your peace of mind!

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